Applying Custom Styles to Page Layouts in SharePoint 2013

When working with SharePoint, there may always be an occasion where you want to apply some specific styles to appear only when a page uses a specific Page Layout. For example, your Master Page may contain a Left Navigation that is needed throughout the site, but you may want to hide it just on your Landing Page Layout.

There are basically 3 ways in which this can be achieved:

01. Custom Style sheet

In your custom Page Layout, search for id=”PlaceHolderAdditionalPageHead. You’ll find it in an opening tag that looks like this:

<!–MS:<asp:ContentPlaceHolder id=”PlaceHolderAdditionalPageHead” runat=”server”>–>

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Cufon Tutorial – Hover, Foreign Characters, jQuery, Punctuation

Here’s a quick, no-fuss guide to working with Cufon.  Examples included

Hover effect on links

Set “hover:true” in your Cufon.replace statement.


Cufon.replace('a.linkStyle', { 
    hover: true, 
    fontFamily: 'National Book' 

Foreign character support

Select required glyph support checkboxes before generating cufon files.


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