Like Riding a Bike

A year ago, I did a 1-year internship as a Trainee UX Engineer. It mainly involved Web Development and SharePoint Branding. After being completely absorbed in HTML and CSS for a year, I returned to University to finish the final year of my degree. That meant a whole year away from Web Dev related material. Now, as I am planning to rejoin my previous workplace and resume my work in a couple of weeks, I decided it was time to take my HTML/CSS skills off the shelf and dust them off and see if they still work.

There’s an expression that goes like this:

“It’s Like Riding a Bike — A skill that, once learned, is never forgotten”

They say, once you learn to ride a bicycle, you can never forget. Here’s me, hoping that Web Dev and SP Branding is like riding a bike 🙂

So over the course of the next few days I plan to refresh myself thoroughly (or as thoroughly as possible) on my HTML and CSS. Let’s call it a Refresher Course in SharePoint Branding.

Here’s my plan (subject to change, ofcourse):

  • Day One – The Best of HTML
  • Day Two – CSS: Greatest Hits
  • Day Three – SharePoint’s Anatomy
  • Day Four – SP Branding Tidbits
  • Day Five – Leftovers

Here’s hoping that by the end of this series, I’ll be polished, sharp and work-ready 😉


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